Range of customers

Our customers are the foremost companies in their areas:

  • Oil industry refineries including production and transport
  • Aluminum industry bauxite extraction and processing
  • Motor car assembly, conveying technology, floor and overhead transport and component feed
  • Transport services, underground transport technology, railroad transport and signaling and control technology
  • Paper manufacturers
  • Energy producers, ship unloading and transport systems, generation and control technology
  • Steelworks: transport and rolling systems, quality surveillance and control technology
  • Cement factories
  • Transport systems
  • Mining companies (bauxite, iron ore, copper and coal mining)

We would be glad to provide you with a list of references.

  • Your company has successful operations in the mineral extraction as well as the automotive, shipbuilding, mining and raw material processing sectors.
  • Your facilities are engineered to product 24 hours a day. That means that downtimes have to be scaled back to ensure they work at maximum efficiency.
  • You need spare parts for your installations at regular intervals to facilitate expansion or modernization.
  • Spare part procurement takes a lot of time that could be spent more profitably elsewhere – suppliers have to be identified, enquires have to be made, queries have to be answered and tenders compared.

Put it altogether: Procuring spare parts ties up capacities that should actually be used for your core activities.


AMSider for your company